Send Funds Anonymously.
100% Private

Transaction Fee: 0.5% - 1%
Expected Delivery: 5/26/2023, 05:50 PM Change

How does it work?


Complete the form above and click "next". Confirm the transaction to deposit funds into the Dexo Bridge.

If you do not wish to connect your wallet, select "Custom" and send any amount of your choice within the minimum and maximum to the generated address displayed when you click "next".


To improve your privacy, we recommend using a higher timer delay of up to 24 hours from the "Advanced Options" tab.

Selecting the "Custom" option allows you to deposit as many times as you want to the generated address up to the maximum allowed.

All funds has to be deposited within the selected delay period.


Your assets will arrive in the wallet of the selected recipient blockchain as the native tokens, NOT as wrapped tokens.

For example: If you sent POM and the recipient network is Cronos, you will receive native CRO tokens.

There is never a need to claim your tokens because it will arrive automatically after the timer delay.